Associate Professor Jane Nikles is a registered medical practitioner who has conducted research at The University of Queensland in the field of N-of-1 trials for over 25 years. She brings substantial experience and internationally recognised expertise in conducting N-of-1 trials, being a leader in this innovative field nationally and internationally.

She was a key player in the establishment of the first N-of-1 trial unit in Australia, and has a PhD in this area. In the N-of-1 trials field, she has the highest number of peer-reviewed articles, and is the most highly cited author. Additionally, she is building a reputation in research on whiplash and other musculoskeletal pain after road traffic crashes at RECOVER Injury Research Centre, UQ, where she has an interest in the treatment of acute and chronic whiplash, preventing the progression of acute to chronic whiplash, and the application of N-of-1 trials in recovery from whiplash injury. She has several projects ongoing in the areas of GP management of whiplash and the emergency department management of acute whiplash injury. 

She also has expertise in standard RCTs, and is currently conducting an RCT on pregabalin for acute whiplash (Trials, 2018). She regularly engages with GPs and PHNs in her clinical trials work. She has skills in building research networks and general practice research, in which she has won several grants.  She has published on the management of whiplash in general practice (BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 2017).  She is currently applying her N-of-1 trial and clinical trial expertise to musculoskeletal pain after road traffic crashes to expand the evidence base for medications in these conditions.