Dr Aplin’s research focuses on the home environment in a range of health and social service contexts. This includes home modifications, occupational therapy community practice, home care and housing. Within these practice contexts, her research fits within three themes: understanding, application and evaluation.

  1. Understanding the experience of home or life at home and how it is impacted by services and social structures; 
  2. Applying findings to develop practice including assessment, interventions, practice models and training; and, 
  3. Evaluating current and developed practices within services.

A key area of research for Dr Aplin is home modification practice. Her PhD sought to understand the experience of home and how this influenced and is impacted by home modifications. Applying these findings, she developed two measurement instruments to inform decision making, and evaluate home modification practice. She has continued research into home modification practice along with other projects exploring the relationships between home and health and evaluating and developing services provided in the home including community OT practice and home care.  Additionally, Tammy has research interests in assistive technology, including best practice in their provision.