Most road traffic crash injuries are minor to moderate in severity, but can still lead to persistent disability including delayed return to work and sick leave. In this study, we will follow people who have been involved in a road traffic crash for 12 months to understand their work recovery journey. Understanding the work recovery journey is necessary to plan interventions that target people with minor to moderate injuries subsequent to a road traffic crash.

Participants will include individuals with mild-moderate injury subsequent to a road traffic crash.


  • To plot the trajectory of recovery of vocational and functional outcomes following a road traffic crash; and,
  • To explore associations between key sociodemographic, injury, quality of life, physical activity, symptomatic, and psychosocial wellbeing factors with vocational and functional outcomes 6 and 12 months post-road traffic crash.


Data collection is ongoing at Townsville Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH), Mater Public and Caboolture Hospitals.

Consumer engagement

We will work with consumers (claimants, clinicians, employers and case managers) to develop the best ways to disseminate the findings of the research.

Who benefits from the research?

The primary beneficiaries are those injured in a road traffic crash. However, health care providers, employers and insurers will benefit from a greater understanding of the factors associated with return to work with injury.