NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Better Health Outcomes for Compensable Injury 

The Centre of Research Excellence in Better Health Outcomes for Compensable Injury (CRE-Compensable Injury), funded by the NHMRC from 2022-2026, will embrace the complexity of the influencers of health outcomes after road traffic injury by extending research and implementation beyond health and clinical services to the compensation and legal systems, with a main foci on health outcomes.

The research of the CRE aims to understand the complex interactions between systems and improve injury management within and across systems. Through the coordination and integration of interdisciplinary research priorities identified through partnerships with consumers and stakeholders, resources will be developed to empower injured people to make informed decisions about their recovery pathway.

CRE-Compensable Injury extends the research conducted by the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Recovery following Road Traffic Injuries (CRE-RTI) which delivered evidence-based knowledge, education, training and capacity building about the impact of non-hospitalised injuries, such as whiplash of the neck and spine, injuries to upper and lower limbs, lacerations and contusions.

Professor Michele Sterling is Program Leader: Improving health outcomes after musculoskeletal injury at RECOVER Injury Research Centre and Director of CRE‑Compensable Injury and was Director of CRE-RTI.