Calls for consumer feedback

Call for consumers to contribute experiences and ideas for a mobile phone app with a gamification feature.

Are you a consumer with a lived experience of pain from an injury or operation?

We invite consumers to contribute their valuable experiences and ideas about a  new mobile phone app designed to motivate people to exercise when recovering from an injury.

What is the mobile app designed to do?

Home exercise programs are a key component of at-home rehabilitation. Engagement with home exercise programs can be challenging, resulting in poor adherence.

The use of smartphone apps that function as electronic home exercise diaries may improve engagement by offering a convenient and portable way to access instructions for exercise, as well as by promoting goal-setting and self-monitoring. Apps may also use game features to promote engagement, known as gamification.

We think that our mobile phone app, called Grow Stronger, will help motivate people to complete their home exercise programs. Achieving this will result in both short and long-term health benefits for people who are doing physical rehabilitation exercises at home.

The consultation activity

Consumers will participate in a one-off consultation activity, running for approximately one and a half hours. During the session, you will have the opportunity to interact with the Grow Stronger mobile phone app and provide feedback on its features. We are particularly interested in your views and opinions about the gamification features.

Each consumer will receive a $50 Woolworths Wish Gift card as a Thank You for the contribution. 

We will conduct the activity via a video call (Zoom). To contribute, consumers will need to have a (Smart) mobile phone or a tablet to download the app and access another device (e.g. desktop or laptop) to participate in the discussions.

We propose to run the sessions in the week commencing Monday 18th October.


To register interest in this consumer involvement activity, please get in touch with Alison Bell, Knowledge Translation Officer and Consumer Engagement Advisor, at