RECOVER Injury Research Centre is conducting a study which investigates heart rate variability during rest and normal daily activities in individuals with chronic whiplash associated disorder (WAD). By participating in this project, you could help us gain a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying whiplash which may lead to the development of better treatment options.

Aim: To investigate the variability in heart rate during rest and normal daily activities in individuals with chronic WAD.

Types of volunteers needed:

  • 18–65 years old
  • Neck pain for more than 12 weeks due to a whiplash injury (neck pain only, no fracture/dislocation or neurological deficit)

What is involved?

Eligible participants will be invited to RECOVER Injury Research Centre (UQ Herston Campus) for one session, where they will complete questionnaires and a pain pressure threshold test (note: this is not painful). During the session, you will be equipped with a heart rate variability monitor which should be worn for 24 hours. The initial consultation session takes around 45 minutes and is a one-off session. The total time commitment for the study is 24 hours.

What’s in it for me?

Participants will be part of a study which may improve our understanding of whiplash associated disorder. There is no monetary reimbursement.

How can I volunteer or find out more?

Please contact Dr Rutger de Zoete on 0432 218 486, or email