Dr Roma Forbes- Primary Advisor

Dr Allison Mandrusiak- Associate Advisor

Professor Trevor Russell - Associate Advisor

PhD Topic

Romany’s PhD investigates the experiences of new-graduate physiotherapists when providing care for rural and remote Australians. One of the aims of the thesis is to explore how best to prepare new-graduates for rural practice, and considers telehealth as one method of service delivery.

Researcher biography

Journal Articles

Martin, Romany, Mandrusiak, Allison, Lu, Andric, and Forbes, Roma. (2020). New-Graduate Physiotherapists’ Perceptions of Rural Practice. Australian Journal of Rural Health, 28 (5) 12669, 443-452. doi: 10.1111/ajr.12669

Forbes, Roma, Lao, Andrew, Wilesmith, Sarah, Martin, Romany (2020). A qualitative exploration of workplace mentoring preferences of new-graduate physical therapists. Physiotherapy Research International, e1872. doi: 10.1002/pri.1872

Forbes, Roma, Martin, Romany (2020). Project-based learning for physiotherapy clinical education quality and capacity. Open Physio Journal. DOI: 10.14426/art/1310

Martin, Romany, Mandrusiak, Allison, Lu, Andric, and Forbes, Roma. (2021). Mentorship and workplace support needs of new-graduate physiotherapists in rural and remote settings: a qualitative study. Focus on Health Professional Education, 22(1), https://doi.org/10.11157/fohpe.v22i1.426.

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Martin, Romany, Mandrusiak, Allison, Russell, Trevor, and Forbes, Roma (2021). New-graduate physiotherapists’ training needs and readiness for telehealth. Physiotherapy: Theory and Practice. Accepted - In press.

Martin, Romany, Mandrusiak, Allison, Lu, Andric, and Forbes, Roma. (2020). Unique competencies for rural and remote physiotherapy practice: a Delphi approach. Rural and Remote Health. Under review.

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Martin, Romany, Mahendran, Niru, Mandrusiak, Allison, and Forbes, Roma. (2021). An experiential approach for telehealth readiness. The Clinical Teacher. Under review.