Professor Michele Sterling - Associate Advisor

Topic: A new tool to test sensory acuity in patients with chronic pain; how well does your patient feel?

Researcher biography

Mr Nick Olthof is an overseas PhD student who joined the RECOVER team in April 2017. He has a Dutch bachelor's degree in physiotherapy and 10 years' experience as a primary care physio. In the meantime, he has graduated with a MSc in clinical health science at the University of Utrecht. He did his master's thesis research at The University of South Australia, as a part of the Body in Mind Group, where he focused on the contribution of both vision and body ownership in the physiological responses to tissue damage. He now aims to develop a clinically feasible tool to:

  1. Better test sensory acuity in patients with chronic neck pain, and
  2. Predict the outcome of sensory training interventions in order to improve their efficacy.

Areas of research