Professor Michele Sterling - Associate Advisor

Researcher biography

Bhavya Adalja (Abby) has  a background in physiotherapy. After completing her Master of Physiotherapy in 2009, she worked as a clinical physiotherapist for a few years before developing special interest in occupational health and safety. In the last few years, Abby has worked in the field of injury prevention and management, working as a rehabilitation and return to work consultant.

Abby will integrate her clinical skills and injury management skills to gain deeper understanding of managing an injury by various stakeholders and the various challenges they come across while working within the guidelines of injury treatment, different legislations, policies and agency frameworks. 

Abby commenced her PhD with RECOVER in October 2018 under the supervision of Associate Professor Venerina Johnston and Professor Michele Sterling. Her goal is to study the gaps in applying research into clinical practice while treating musculoskeletal injuries sustained during work or during road traffic accidents.