Grant success for chronic whiplash study

16 Nov 2018

Congratulations to Dr Scott Farrell who has been awarded a highly competitive grant through the UQ Early Career Researcher Scheme. This is a significant achievement for Scott and a great win for chronic whiplash research.

Dr Farrell was awarded $33,000 for a project titled 'Radiologic properties of symptomatic zygapophyseal joints in chronic whiplash: a case-control study'.

Scott explains, “In people with chronic whiplash neck pain, the relationship between magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and patient symptoms is not clear; often people with pain have no sign of injury on MRI, and conversely people without pain can have MRI findings thought to represent pathology. This project seeks to investigate evidence of joint pathology on MRI in people following a whiplash injury, whose pain has been clinically shown to arise from a symptomatic joint. This will allow assessment of the radiologic characteristics of a painful joint, as compared to non-painful joints, to help inform interpretation of MRI findings in these patients.”

The UQ Early Career Researcher (ECR) Grants Scheme provides support for early career researchers while at the same time remaining committed to research excellence. On a competitive basis, the scheme funds high quality research projects of modest financial cost from early career researchers, and is intended as a means of generating external research support.