Telehealth clinical tools

I2I-4-Telehealth: a practical guide for knowledge translation for telehealth

I2I-4-Telehealth stands for Innovation to Implementation for Telehealth. It is a 7-step tool to use knowledge translation activities to plan changes associated with a telehealth innovation. It is an action-oriented tool and does not assume any background in science or theoretical knowledge translation models. 

Translating knowledge into practice involves change for individuals and organisations and often works best when bringing a wide range of participants to the planning table. This guide, created by members of the Centre of Research Excellence in Telehealth (CRE) Research team, aims to help you plan your move from innovation to implementation, including thinking about who are the key players to involve.

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What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of telecommunication techniques to provide telemedicine, medical education, and health education over a distance.

See videos which demonstrate telehealth in action

The Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) in Telehealth has produced a number of videos which demonstrate telehealth in action.

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